Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Guys! The fact that,UMNO has been serving the country and for the country for past 60 over years.I have realized that UMNO have changed not only their goals, but their lined-up of good people. We may take a little time to read some of our history, UMNO was the party that held the country together with all races hence their portfolio up till now and we also knew that Malays is the only beneficial'bangsa' that scripted in 'The Perlembagaan'. But with power and money, comes the lust for greed and self satisfaction - nothing is more fulfilling in a power hungry body, than to have power and total complete control over the people. The biggest achievement UMNO has done, was able to rule the government till now with a doubt of peoples in Kelantan, Selangor, Penang & Kedah.

However, i feel proud that 'tanah tumpah darahku'was called “Tanah Malayu”. To be realistically right - NONE of Chinese & Indians and it has already been proven do not originate from Tanah Malayu itself. If you ask me, i’d say the “ORANG MELAYU" is The Tuan of 'TANAHMELAYU', BUT we are The Malays, the ones who are not entitled to what is rightfully ours. SO, tell me - WHAT IS FAIR NOW? WHO SHOULD REALLY DESERVE the rights? Don’t give me the regular bull shit of, but we are the Malays and we rightfully own it - so it’s not self declaration? It's Stated in PERLEMBAGAAN. Wake up Malays and smell the flowers. It’s already the year 2009. The dark ages are over.

For god sake’s of Malays stop quarreling among ourselves. UMNO = Malays, PAS = Malays and Malays in PKR. We should be ashamed. Leaders shout so loudly claiming that they are better than others. I don’t know whether you all realized it or not, but all of the political party in Malaysia are lead up by the wonderful and charismatic leaders. I wonder what will happen if those guys team up together regardless of their idealogy. What I mean is if UMNO, PAS and PKR for a moment put aside their conflicts and combine hand to hand together to improve our malay's economy so much, that our equities will be able to increase. Do we all wish to see our beloved Malaysia become the second Indonesia or Thailand? Certainly not right? Those countries are down due to their endless and meaningless political conflicts that doesn’t do any good to their economy level.It is quite ashamed for a unique beautiful little Malaysia that consist of multiracial diversity with different religious belief, was unable to defeat mankind greatest weakness that is GREED. Where is The values in Islam. I see both our Malays Leader from ruling party and the oppositions was full of GREED agenda. Even during political campaigning, we could clearly see greed motivation through their patriotic face. Please, I am begging you, both BN and PR leaders, please throw away your greed if you all are fighting for the best of Malay peoples. Stop backstabbing, false accusing other party, bad mouthing and etc. Start negotiating and compromising for a better Malays and for our future generation.

And now, the fact that,why is the majority of young Malays not with BN and UMNO in particular?
It appears to me that our leaders are moving around like headless chickens trying to figure that out, plus what solutions to overcome.
Well, I have to admit that it's a difficult question to answer but nevertheless let me attempt to do so. Let me summarise the probable answer into 2 key areas;

1. Serious image problem
2. Failure to attract

Let's dwelve into each;
1. Serious image problem
- On the Internet ; Pervasive negativity about BN (and UMNO in particular). Images of being corrupt, incompetent, racist, flip-flop, slow, self-serving etc have infected their minds. Avalanche of critics on the net, but poor response strategy from the Govt.
- On the ground ; Poor visibility. Impression of leaders being completely detached from the rakyat in terms of their thinking & lifestyle.
- From their peers & own experiences; They talk. Bad word of mouth reinforces the already negative perception.
- (Remember that it is difficult to create or maintain a positive perception. But very easy to destroy it; just create doubts in their minds. Allow that to fester, and their overall perception on BN, UMNO and the Government will be negative. Thus, for every step forward that the Opposition does, BN has to do 3-step forward just to neutralize it).
2. Failure to attract
- Failure to reach out; No effective strategy to entice them, except during elections. Too many programs `syok sendiri' and inward looking.
- Lack of idealism; failure to inspire and capture their imagination. Instead they just throw money around.
- Lack of credible leaders amongst the young; image of mostly self serving ones. Contrast with the youthful image of the Opposition.
- Failure to address their grouses; maybe to a certain extent.
- Opposition far more organized. Reaching out to NGOs and civil society.
Despite the change of leadership (plus the positive vibes being let out), looks like the momentum from the March 08 political tsunami is still strong. Thus the Opposition is expected to make further inroads amongst the young. Unless the new Adminstration can quickly and effectively reengineer their whole approach; in dealing and reaching out to the rakyat especially the young, plus creating and projecting a positive image of themselves throughout.
Let's wait and see...

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