Monday, February 11, 2008


Even as a child I had vivid, awe-inspiring inner visions which I could neither comprehend nor suppress at the time. Like body covered with gold, I could neither decipher nor ignore. They were always out there lurking beneath the surface, ready to reveal themselves to me in yet another shape or form. They were somewhat of a mystery at the time, they did not seem to have any particular purpose and yet they would keep coming back to me, making their presence felt when least expected. Virtually anything could set them off, a horse’s tail disappearing among waist high wheat, want to run fast, like a balloon slipping free for its long-awaited journey to the sun, or the creaking of an old tree branch in the wind. Anything and everything around me. But how? Discovering that you have the capacity to create is lie unlocking the door that leads to another part of yourself. Re-discovering the world and self-discovery come hand in hand. Only many years later in my early twenties, did I realize that what I actually yearned to do was to record my visions in one way or another. I did not appear to have the right tools at my disposal, though. Back then I didn’t feel particularly confident about my negotiation skills and communications seemed for beyond my reach. Businesses opened up new avenues. I started of by exploring a business. How to get people’s money? How to earn more money? Hoe to be brilliant like Mahathir Mohamad? How to be rich like Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary? How to be good speaker and rich like Donald Trump? How to be good in golf like Tiger Wood?....…what a horizon-broadening experience that was to look around me in ways I had never looked before. At present I do not really concern myself with finding answers. Instead I attempt to represent a quest for answers an emotional journey either toward or away from the light. Strolling along the streets of Bintang Walk, I may spot something pretty ordinary, such as an isolated piece of dusbin sitting patiently on the pavement, waiting something to be thrown and in that single moment another vision can be born. A momentary sparkle, a sense of being at one with myself. This is the most wonderful gift the universe has presented me with. And MY DREAMS TO BE MILLIONAIRE BEFORE I AM GET 30’s WILL COME TRUE………Helmie Boleh! Work Smart! Helmie Boleh!

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